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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Duke Nukem Forever Review

Release date: June 14th, 2011
Genere: Shooter
Developer: 2K games,gearbox software
Console: Ps3, Xbox 360, Pc
Rated: M
How I got this game: I bought it

This game is a good game especially if you into the original a whole bunch. You obviously play as Duke Nukem, but with way better graphics then the original they did a good job making this game. You have to save your women from the alien scum. The only problem with this game is that it lasts forever! It seems like it will never end. But on one play through got 53% of the trophies so you do get a lot of trophies or achievements from this game which is good. The multiplayer in this game can be kinda fun but if your good at the game then you know where all the good stuff is like jets packs and grenade throwers. So look out for those jerks. The aliens in this game are pretty easy to beat. Some of the bosses you have to use certain tactics on so its not just shoot and kill. Which I think makes this game a little more interesting. I would say that this game can get  a little tiring because of how long it is but that is its only real downfall. Oh and don't forget this is a Duke Nukem game so there is a lot of women everywhere even naked statues. This game is diffidently more for the male society. But I did enjoy it even though I am a female. So hail to the king baby!

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