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Sunday, March 11, 2012

IMM #1

I probably wont  be posting these weekly since I buy all my books. I don't really ever receive books for review but if I do I will post it. This just for me to share with you what all book I have bought,won,gifted ,traded or got for review. I did buy a few books this week so I thought I'd share them.
First up I did receive one book for review and it was The Forever girl by Rebbecca Hamiltion. You can read my review on it here:

Then I bought all 3 of the Hunger Games books on hardcover. One reason is because I needed these books and the second is because the movie is coming out this month!

Then I bought the Barnes and noble leather bound edition of The first 3 vampire chronicles by Anne Rice. I used to have a book with all three in one but it was paperback and now it looks terrible. Anyways I loved these books so I thought I should have a nice edition of them. :)

Next I bought Evernight by Claudia Gray on kindle. I don't own a kindle so I just read it on my computer but I thought I'd try this sires out.

I also bought the Emerald Talisman by Brenda Pandos on the kindle. Heard that this was good too so I thought I would try it.

Well that is all for this week and probably the month unless I get a job.So what did you get this week in your mailbox?

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