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Monday, March 12, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review!

Produced by : Electronic arts

Release date:Feb, 7th 2012

Rating : M

Consoles: Xbox 360,Ps3,Pc

How I got this: I bought it

At first I thought this game was a little cartoony, but once I started to play it I feel in love! First off making your character is actually kind of detailed. You can choose between 4 different races and then you can choose what god to serve under. You can choose between I think 7 different face and hair and color and what not. I really enjoyed this. I love making new characters all the time. You can even make them have piercings and tattoos on their faces.Which can your person look more unique. As for customizing what kind of fighter your character will be well that completely up to you during the game play. What I mean is that you can just be a sword and shield person, or rogue or magi. You don't choose this when making the character you can try all the different fighting styles choose which one you like more and lean more into that one and then later on you can mix them all up. You create you own unique fighting style so it almost never the same as anyone elses. It a lot of fun to run where ever you like their is no limits on what you can do. You can level up locking picking or make potions or make armor. You can make crystals to improve armor. Run around and pick up any plant you want to, you can even kill whatever you want to,even friendly computers. This game does remind me of World of Warcraft but I love so that is why I love this game. Its like wow for the xbox or playstation. Anyways graphics wise this game is like a 6 or 7 out of 10. But game play wise I would diffidently say 10 out of 10. So if your into Rpgs then this is a good game to have.

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